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Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic in Raleigh, NC not only provides the best Atlas treatment in the area, but we are also committed to patient education. We believe this is a foundation of quality healthcare. Since 1995, our doctors have helped many patients live pain-free after receiving treatment. We take pride in assisting patients in living a happier, healthier life through our chiropractic techniques. Our non-invasive, low-force chiropractic adjustments promote the healing process and provide relief from injury. Take control of your health today and give us a call!


Does an atlas adjustment hurt?
No. We use these techniques because of their gentle nature. The speed and precision have led to higher patient satisfaction.
What are possible signs and symptoms of the vertebral subluxation complex?
Some of the common symptoms include neck and back pain, headaches, leg numbness, sciatica, balance issues, dizziness, chronic fatigue, and weakness.
How long until I feel better?
Typically patients recognize improvements during the first few weeks of their care. Patients with a chronic conditions might experience a longer duration before relief, while others feel relief soon after their first treatment.
Can I have chiropractic care even if I’ve had back surgery?
Yes, and it’s recommended. If you’ve had surgery to fix or remove areas of your spine, those areas will experience limited movement. Chiropractic care treats and monitors these areas to ensure they are working smoothly.
What is cold laser?
A cold laser is non-thermal, so it doesn’t produce any heat. This treatment is safe and non-invasive and used to treat a multitude of conditions. It also promotes healing at the cellular level.
Why do children and infants get chiropractic care?
Children and infants may experience spinal trauma, and many parents have their children evaluated by a chiropractor out of wellness and prevention.
What is wellness chiropractic care?
This is designed for people who are proactive about their health and don’t want to wait for symptoms before seeking treatment. Just like eating well, exercising often, and getting good rest, a regular visit to our practice can keep you in optimal health.
I’ve heard that chiropractors make you go for the rest of your life. Is this true?
This is false. Patients who utilize our services do so as part of a wellness program that they have mapped out. You make your own healthcare choices, but we like to educate you on possible options.
How much will my chiropractic care cost?
We strive to give you the best service we can, and that includes making considerations for your personal finances. The primary objective of our initial visit is to determine if our care can help you. In addition, we use our initial consultation to find out what types of testing are required to evaluate your case based on complexity and severity. We are always happy to share with you your anticipated health investment BEFORE any charges are incurred. We also welcome you to bring in your health insurance card to see if you have any chiropractic benefits in our office.
Do you take my insurance?
Due to the number of insurance companies and the number of plans within each company, we ask that you bring a copy of your insurance card with you so that we can help determine your benefits in our office.


Cervical Specific and Meniere’s disease

June 13 2016 Abstract: Objective: Multiple factors and several common triggers contribute to Meniere’s disease (MD), but the hypothesis of this study is related to one cause: an upper cervical subluxation complex (UCSC), the result of whiplash...

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For more information about how we can improve your health through Atlas Orthogonal techniques, contact us today at 919-845-2099. We look forward to helping you feel pain-free again!

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