The majority of our patients are referred to the office by other satisfied family, friends, fellow chiropractors, as well as other health care professionals.  Our doctors believe in a collaborative approach to your care in that it is crucial for all healthcare professionals to work together for a common purpose of maximizing your health potential and quality of life.

Here are a few comments by our patients.

The first time I met Dr. William Macchi was one Saturday night between 9:00 and 10:00 at his office where he had agreed to meet a friend of mine that needed chiropractic attention that night! I had agreed to ride with my friend there. I was very impressed when I met Dr. Macchi, not only with his commitment and dedication, but also with the particular procedure of chiropractics that he practiced. I already believed in the use of chiropractic care, but had never seen this special technique.

Before we left that night, I asked for an appointment to go in later for an evaluation because I had many back problems and related symptoms over the years and I just could not find the cause of these symptoms. I had even experienced three serious visits to the emergency room thinking that I had suffered a heart attack of some type of blockage. I had lost some feeling in my arms and legs and experienced serious low back pain. For some time, I also had dizziness and serious headaches with blurred vision and sinus problems. I had gone to a medical doctor as well as a neurologist and had many blood tests. I felt like an experiment. No one seemed to know how to help me. Really, I had decided that medically speaking there was nothing anyone could do.

Dr. Macchi took x-rays and ran me through a series of tests that to me seemed to be a very common sense approach. The things he found and showed me just flat out made sense to me. I had some subluxations and misalignments in my spine that were blocking nerves and blood supply to certain areas of my body. After 60 days of adjustments I can honestly say that every symptom that I had experienced for years was 70% - 80% better. I have commited myself to learn more about my body, proper diet, and exercise to do my part, and I believe in the next 60 days I will be close to 100% better!

I believe your body is like a house. If the foundation has weak areas, that is the first place you will have a problem show up. Your bone structure is the foundation to your body. If you have areas that are misaligned or subluxated, the foundation has weak areas that pinch off nerves which transport information from your brain (computer) to the organs of your body. No information from your brain means that the organ is not going to function properly. It just makes sense.

It took me about 20 years of abusing my body for it to get to the point it was: from major car wrecks to lifting engines and other heavy objects. I believe with Dr. Macchi’s chiropractic care, my commitment, and God’s help in all of it, I will truly feel great once again!

Thank you,

~ J.O.B.

I am a Cancer survivor of 16 years!  Nothing can diminish how having cancer changes a life and perspective!  I am intimately familiar with doctors and treatment plans and what's healing and what's not!  I know the value and true meaning of "hope"!

I suffered from severe back pain for over a year before I "discovered" Dr. Macchi.  In that year, I tried and was treated by every person possible-or so I thought-a trusted neurosurgeon, an admired sports medicine doctor, a recommended traditional chiropractor, a well respected Chinese acupuncturist, a very experienced pain clinic specialist, a talented pool therapist, and a learned occupational therapist.  Still the pain was intense and I was only able to function because of the TENS unit I had been given by the pain clinic.  Often, I was actually paralyzed by the pain.  Coping with the constant and severe pain was all my energy!  Back pain IS indeed life changing.   

A massage therapist recommended "her doctor" to me, Dr. Macchi.  I made the call immediately and I was running out of hope for any respite or relief from the severe pain.  Besides the agony of the lower back pain, sciatica had grabbed a tight hold on my right side.  Several toes were numb.  The voice at the other end was actually soothing and I was amazed to actually got an appointment for the very next morning.   

The minute I stepped into Dr. Macchi's waiting room I could feel "hope" again.  Every single person greeted me with such kindness, respect, warmth and understanding.  Dr. Macchi did the most thorough examination I had yet gone through!  Head to toe, top to bottom, giving me information with every touch.  Oh, yes, I cried when answering this questions and, yes, I needed him to hold my hand and listen very quietly to the woman I had become - racked with pain, in despair at my future.  And he did!  He explained every step, calmly and patiently, until my questions were exhausted!  I left his office with HOPE!

The treatment plan has worked exactly how Dr. Macchi predicted.  I am pain free now!  Dancing!  Happy!  "Following orders" to listen to my body and take care of it; rest when necessary, appropriate exercise, and eat well.  Dr. Macchi and his team have been caretakers and cheerleaders extraordinaire!  I appreciate their commitment to educate, as well as to treat, the total person!  From the moment you walk into the office, you are cared for!  I have sent many, many friends to Dr. Macchi!  I admire and trust his honesty and integrity as well as his skill.  My thanks to Dr. Macchi and his educated, caring, amazing team!

~ M.J.F.

Dear Atlas Team,

I’d like to share with others the change you have made in my life through my first week of Atlas Orthogonal adjustments.

I’ll be 65 next month and have been in pain for at least 20 years. I can’t pinpoint when I began to lose flexibility, but my daughter doesn’t recall when I didn’t hold my neck to ease the stiffness. During the past 15 years I have been diagnosed with bone degeneration, fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome and TMJ malfunction. Eight years ago I had a fusion of three cervical vertebrae to eliminate severe neck muscle tension. The operation significantly increased my pain and reduced my ability to turn my head. Although I occasionally have used pain medication, I usually just functioned and tried to ignore the pain so others wouldn’t know. In spite of having medical treatments of traction and physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments during the past 15 years, I was never out of pain.

Gradually I have become unable to do simple tasks like bring up my legs to put on pantyhose, scrunch down to hug a child, or turn my head to see if I can safely switch lanes. I had resigned myself to a lifestyle within the limitations allowed by pain. I finally mentioned to my friend that I was so fatigued by pain, even though I’d just had a chiropractic adjustment, that I felt almost depressed. She recommended that I call you and set up an appointment to see if you could help me.

I was made to feel welcome and important from the moment I walked in. Helen is the nicest person I’ve ever met in a medical office. She gave me all the forms and offered me water. Then you made me feel like a guest in your home. Great rapport building! I felt your sincerity and concern. After my consultation and x-rays were done, I was still not sure how the new technique would work for me, but I kept my appointment. Within seconds of my first Atlas adjustment I was pain free for the first time in years. I could not believe it! I could straighten my whole body and turn and twist without hurting. People say only God performs miracles, but the relief for me was as close as man can come.

I keep discovering changes in my life. I bend down to pick up a scrap of paper without hesitation. It’s easy to get dressed. My stomach muscles are working again because it doesn’t hurt to tense them. My clothes look better because my shoulders are even now. I can open and close my mouth without that clicking twinge of pain. I’m a safer driver because I can check for traffic in the next lane. I’m sleeping through the night. I can take a shower instead of the hot bath I needed to get going in the morning. These are the little things that make a big difference.

I realize that this is only the beginning of getting better. Because I’m a workaholic, I tried to do too much too soon and got out of adjustment over the weekend, but you fixed me back to feeling good again. It may seem strange, but after so many years of pain I welcome the occasional twinge of discomfort when I push myself too hard. I look forward to being able to take walks and learn to play golf. My energy and stamina have already increased. I believe that the continued treatments will mean that my next twenty or so years will be more enjoyable than I had dreamed possible.

Thank you from every bone, nerve and muscle in my body. And also from my heart.

~ N.M.

Dear Trainer:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided over the past year.  Thanks to the chiropractic help I received from Dr. Adam Austin at Atlas Orthogonal followed by the personal training from you, I am now pain-free and able to exercise and travel without discomfort.  In addition, since my wife has also started routine exercise with your personal training, our family life has also benefited with a healthier lifestyle for the whole family. 

Like many other men entering their 40's, I have health challenges that I did not have in my youth.  When I was young I was able to play sports, particularly basketball and running, routinely without proper stretching.  My family doctor, upon seeing my flat feet in my childhood, offered the prophetic warning that I would have back problems later in life.  Once I hit my late 30's, the warning became all too real.  The succession of sports injuries-including a broken leg from skydiving-added up to lower back and ankle pain that prevented me from running and keeping up a reasonably active lifestyle.  In addition, I started to have significant back pain when I traveled. 

I received excellent chiropractic help from Dr. Austin last year, which helped reduce my pain.  Dr. Austin then gave me great advice-if I wanted to "make the next level of improvement", I needed routine exercise-and referred me to you.  This total support from Atlas Orthogonal and your facility was just what I needed.  I am now able to exercise routinely, and my added strength and conditioning has removed any back or ankle pain.  Even though I travel several times a month, I no longer feel any discomfort during my travels. 

Thank you for the wonderful service to me and to my family.  I wish every adult with back and leg pains would benefit from great service, chiropractic help and personal training.  Without your personal training, I would not have been able to make such great improvements in my health.

~ P.H.

"The Associates are true development professionals who know how to effectively build a fundraising organization, create and foster strong relationships with donors, and keep staff motivated to meet their objectives. The Associates have initiative, excellent personal skills, and are a pleasure to work with."

~ Elizabeth Valk Long, Former Publisher and Executive Vice President for Time, Inc. and Hollins University Trustee-3/23/2009

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