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Professional Evaluation

Our team uses new technology and compassionate care to evaluate your chiropractic needs.  We believe in education, open communication and mutual respect.

Gentle, Healing Techniques

We recognize the body's inborn ability to heal itself and use techniques based upon this principle. Our office uses instrument based adjustment procedures to enhance the healing process.  There is no forceful manipulation.


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About Us

We welcome you to our site and hope that it serves as a resource for your healthcare questions. It is our desire to provide gentle and precise chiropractic care using the Atlas Orthogonal and Activator techniques.


We believe in patient education and active participation as a foundation of quality healthcare. Chiropractic care has always been a non-invasive, drugless strategy for health restoration and promotion.

We are proud to offer it today using state of the art technology including digital x-ray, neuromuscular examination equipment, gentle adjusting instruments and low level laser therapy.  Read more about our practice here.

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Recent News and Articles

Cervical Specific and Meniere's disease

Positive health outcomes were documented in 300 chiropractic patients.  History of vertigo and trauma was commonly identified.  Patients were treated with upper cervical techniques.  The abstract is included in the text that follows.  

Regulation of High Blood Pressure in Case Study

A case study presents marked reduction in hypertension with upper cervical chiropractic care